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30 de November de 2022

Online Subtitling Course HANDS-ON in English

The theory covered in this course covers all the topics of the BASIC and ADVANCED workshops and more. It can be used as a guide and coaching course for entry into the profession. It is a guide and coaching for the entry into the profession.

Duration: 3 months platform access

  • Waiting list

Cost: € 360

28 de September de 2022

Online Subtitling Workshop FULL in English

Sign up now for both the BASIC and ADVANCED course at a discounted price - you'll
learn subtitling and upgrade your skills. We'll reinforce how to work with Subtitle Edit and also discuss positioning on the job market. In addition, you’ll benefit from the consecutive course sessions and the possibility to ask questions about the profession of subtitling and the technology used. Overcome your uncertainties and become a subtitler! Complete both courses within two weeks and use this course as a springboard into the job market.

Participants: max. 10 persons
Duration: 6 hours in total (3+3)

  • Waiting list

Cost: 250 €

24 de September de 2022

Online Subtitling Workshop BASIC in English

Ideal entry-level course. In-depth fundamentals in only 3 hours. Learn new skills and become a subtitler.

Participants: max. 10 people
Duration: 3 hours

  • Waiting list

Cost: 150 €

2 de July de 2022

Online Subtitling Workshop ADVANCED in English

"Becoming faster" means "earning better." In this course you'll not only learn how to finish your jobs faster, but also how to improve the quality of your work at the same time.

Participants: max. 10 people
Duration: 3 hours

  • Waiting list

Cost: 150 €

Why should I learn the art of subtitling?

Exciting profession

Flexible working hours

Steadily growing industry

Location-independent workplace/Fully remote workplace

Veronika Malaja completed her Master's degree in "Audiovisual Translation" at the University of Cadiz in Spain. Previously, she completed "Regional Studies in Latin America" at the University of Cologne. She speaks German, English, Spanish and Russian, has been working as a translator since 2012 and has so far lived in four countries on three continents.

She is passionate about translating and subtitling podcasts, online courses, documentaries, series and feature films, runs her own subtitling agency and enjoys sharing her knowledge.

About the founder


Alexandra Brown

I have benefited in every way, professionally as well as personally, from this course and can only recommend it to anyone who likes to work online, independently, and is looking for an interesting and exciting job.

Aoibh Clarke-Flood

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, as well as learning more about subtitling in a friendly, interactive environment from an expert in the field. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in working remote, freelance or in general as a refresher.

Jonas Dolle

Not only did I receive in-depth training in all the technical areas and programs necessary for this job, but I also received valuable tips on how to work faster and more efficiently.

To pursue this profession, you don't need expensive equipment. All that's needed are the following:

  • PC or laptop (with Windows operating system)
  • Mouse
  • Headphones
  • Free software Subtitle Edit


Veronika Malaja

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